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Ukraine's ammunition warehouse fire threatens gas repository

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In immediate proximity of the zone of fire that occurred at army ammunition warehouse in Kharkiv Oblast of Ukraine, there is a natural gas storage facility with large supplies of the commodity. This was announced at a meeting of emergency response headquarters held in the night of Aug 27-28, REGNUM corerspondent reports.

According to Kharkivgaz employees, the company has disconnected natural gas supplies of neighborhood's farms. The employees are on a twenty-four-hour service ensuring that no explosion occurs.

The fire at ammunition warehouse of Lozovaya Station started Aug 27 following a wildfire. Firemen failed to suppress it. The fire was carried by the wind to the warehouses of the 61th Arsenal of the South Operative Army Command. 94, 000 tons of missiles, 60 tons of propellant explosive, and tactical missiles Luna-M are in the middle of the fire that has spead on the territory of 390 hectares.

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April 2015
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