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Chechen premier denies “Chechen trace” in case of Politkovskayas murder

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Chechen Premier Ramzan Kadyrov denied rumors on the so-called “Chechen trace” in case of murder of well-known Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya; on October 9, a REGNUM correspondent was informed at Chechen governmental press office.

“To speculate on this bloody crime without any reasons and serious proofs means to argue at the level of rumors and gossips; it does not adorn either the press or politicians,” Kadyrov-junior stressed.

Also, he said that to attempt the life of a journalist means to try to prevent freedom of speech. “Despite not always objective character of the journalists materials about Chechnya, I regret very much the events happened in such way,” the premier said.    

Chechnya President Alu Alkhanov called the journalists death irreplaceable loss for the whole journalist guild. “Tragic death of Anna Stepanovna has become both shock for Russian society and blow on democratic processes, happening in Russia, including transparency one of main achievements of the countrys reforms,” Alu Alkhanov stressed. 

It is worth reminding; observer of Novaya Gazeta newspaper Anna Politkovskaya was murdered on October 7 in entrance of her apartment house.

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April 2015
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